It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 years since we’ve had a new Gwen Stefani album, but the wait is almost over, and we are so excited!

Just days after she released the track listing for her upcoming record, the singer, 46, released a song titled “Make Me Like You,” off This Is What the Truth Feels Like.

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The song is a far cry from the mom-of-three’s last single — “Used to Love You” — which became a breakup anthem of sorts.

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In her latest, she croons, “I was fine before I met you / I was broken but fine / I was lost and uncertain / But my heart was still mine / I was free before I met you / I was broken but free / All alone in the clear view / But now you are all I see / Hey, wait a minute / No, you can’t do this to me.”

Many fans are speculating whether or not the lyrics are inspired by her relationship with Blake Shelton, who had also just gone through a very public divorce when they got together.

Take a listen for yourself: