She's completely smitten!

During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday, it became abundantly clear how Gwen Stefani really feels about boyfriend Blake Shelton — after all, the 46-year-old couldn't stop giggling or grinning throughout the entire interview!

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"When he popped the big question about you being his mentor [on The Voice] — how did he do that?" Ellen hilariously teased the star, who jokingly replied, "Did you rehearse that before?"

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She then answered, "I want to be on that show as much as possible… I got so much out of it."

But while Gwen is certainly spending a lot of time with her country singing beau, she's had quite a bit going on in her career as well.

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Not only has she finished her new solo album, This Is What the Truth Feels Like, she also filmed a live music for her song, "Make Me Like You" (which is about Blake!)

Watch part of her interview below: