Halle Berry may not have gotten a boob job, but according to a new report, the 49-year-old still spends a small fortune to keep her chest looking picture perfect!

“She spends a good $10k a month on her décolleté and it pays off,” a source close to the star tells Radar Online. “Halle has laser resurfacing and vein treatments, plus she uses Crème de la Mer on her neck, chest and cleavage.”

halle berry

The source adds, “Then there’s firm boosting creams and exfoliation, plus she does loads of pushups and chest-strengthening exercises.”

And despite what some people might think, the insider is adamant that the mother-of-two’s breasts are “all natural.”

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“Halle looks fantastic and she’s proud of the fact she achieves her looks without the help of a surgeon,” the source says.

Well, there’s no denying that the actress looks FANTASTIC — and years younger!