This is *toe-tally* sad. Halsey recently took to social media to share quite the depressing tale about her failed efforts to rescue one of life’s most beautiful creatures. “I was trying to save a hurt butterfly in the jungle,” she wrote on Instagram on Wednesday, May 29. “I broke my toe. Turns out, the butterfly was already dead,” the 24-year-old continued.

At this point, we don’t know whether to laugh or cry. “I have alien feet, I know. I sacrificed having nice feet when I committed to a life of dancing on stages and saving dead butterflies,” Halsey expressed. “This hurts. Three radio shows in California this week. Catch me hobbling around!”

Moral of the story: Bad things can happen to good people. That said, the “Without Me” songstress was showered with some well-deserved praise by her friends and fans. “That’s the reason why we love you! Get well soon. Be careful next time,” one user commented. “Halsey is the sweetest person on earth,” added another.

“I love you, [for real]. SMH, you’re so great in every way. All I had to say. Bye, love,” fellow singer SZA chimed in. In addition to all of the kind words, something, er, seriously weird also came out of Halsey posting a snapshot of her broken toe. “Do you know how many weirdos are gonna save your foot pic?” one person asked her on Twitter.

Halsey’s response? Well, let’s just saying we’re giggling and cringing all at once. “If people [are] jerking off to my broken toe, what can I really do about it?” the New Jersey native replied. To be fair, she’s not wrong. Not a whole lot she can do about it. Here’s hoping people aren’t *actually* doing that and instead, acknowledging her for the badass angel she truly is. Keep saving the world one hit single (and butterfly) at a time.

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