It’s been a rough season for This Is Us fans — but we may get a little break during the finale on Tuesday night! In an exclusive interview with Life & Style, Hannah Zeile — who plays teenage Kate on the beloved NBC series — teased what’s to come in Season 2’s final episode.

“We know it’s Kate’s wedding, so that’s exciting. All I can really say is I think it’s going to be happy tears,” she said on Thursday. “I think they’re gonna nicely wrap up the season with a nice bow, but they always leave you wanting a little bit more. We know there’s a Season 3, so they always do a really good job with that.”

While Hannah remained mum on specifics when it comes to Kate and her fiancé Chris Sullivan’s character Toby’s big day, she did share what she imagines older Kate — played by Chrissy Metz — would want for her wedding. “Obviously, there was the whole thing where Kate didn’t even think she wanted to do a wedding,” she explained, “but also because it was kind of haunting for her because her dad can’t walk her down the aisle, and she’s so close to her dad. I think something intimate with people she really cares about and loves. I think it will be a good memory and nod to Jack. She’ll be thinking of him and having him in spirit.”

this is us kate toby getty

Kate and Toby’s relationship is one of our favorite parts of the show and we’re so excited for them to get married — and Hannah admitted she is also a huge fan of what they have. “I love it. I think it’s the perfect balance. She totally needs someone like Toby. He’s just more light-hearted and when she’s in her funks and is so down on herself and isn’t confident, he’s just there to make her laugh,” she gushed. “He’s the perfect comedic relief. Like we’re crying, it’s sad, but then Toby comes and you’re gonna laugh. He comes back just when you need him.” We couldn’t agree more!

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