Beautiful actress Jaime King has always boasted a slim figure, but when she stepped out in NYC Wednesday, it was noticeable the Hart of Dixie actress has shed weight.

The blonde sported a see-through lace tank and skinny jeans, which easily showed off her very tiny body.

jaime king

The 35-year-old welcomed her first child, a son named James, last October and stepped out a month later sporting a healthier frame [see photo below].

Growing up in the modeling industry, the 35-year-old has admitted to Life & Style she viewed her body in an unhealthy way.

jaime king

“I grew up in Hollywood, and my whole life I’ve believed that I have to look like a 14-year-old,” she told us back in October 2011. “I’ve had this weird expectation that I should weight 118 pounds even though I’m 5-foot-8½.”

Jaime developed an obsession with having a 20-inch waist in the 1993, when models like Kate Moss had the whole heroin-chic look going on.


Jaime with her son

During that time, she also admitted to us that she still consumed only childlike portions.

“I eat like a toddler,” she confessed, “little bites of a lot of different things, like peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches, turkey bacon, oatmeal and chocolate-covered pretzels.”

But she was focused on changing those habits with the help of a nutritionist. “I don’t want to put that image out to young women, that they have to look like a prepubescent girl.”

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