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Has Halle Berry Had Plastic Surgery? Transformation Photos and What She’s Said About Cosmetic Work

It’s in the genes. Halle Berry doesn’t seem to age despite being in her 50s. Her body has never looked better, and her face is practically wrinkle-free. The Catwoman star says she’s considered getting plastic surgery but has never gone under the knife.

“It is pressure. When you see everybody around you doing it, you have those moments when you think, ‘To stay alive in this business, do I need to do the same thing?’” Halle told Yahoo Beauty in 2015.


“I won’t lie and tell you that those things don’t cross my mind, because somebody is always suggesting it to me,” she said. “’You know if you just did a little bit of this and that, lift this up, then this would be a little bit better.’ It’s almost like crack that people are trying to push on you. That’s what I feel like.”

Halle said that she needs to keep reminding herself that, “Aging is natural, and that’s going to happen to all of us.” She added, “I just want to always look like myself, even if that’s an older version of myself. I think when you do too much of that cosmetic stuff, you become somebody else in a way.”

The Oscar winner doesn’t want to chase youth through cosmetic work. “We have to stop wanting to look like that decade before. We have to stop coveting that. Let it go and embrace it now and really be okay,” she confessed, adding, “It’s easy to say, I guess, but that’s the goal.”

Halle has been able to maintain her incredible figure by working out up to three grueling hours a day. Exercise and eating a strict Keto diet have become an integral part of hers lifestyle, which she documents on Instagram through her “Fitness Fridays” posts alongside her longtime personal trainer Peter Lee Thomas.

“Over the past few years, I went from training for John Wick 3 to my upcoming film and directorial debut BRUISED. Some days I’d work on strength and cardio and others I’d do yoga and stretching, all while I did a few hours of martial arts training each day. For me, it’s been important not to overstress my body. Taking cold hot showers has been a good recovery ritual,” the former beauty queen told InStyle in August 2022.

“Boxing is still considered one of the best full-body workouts,” Halle shared in an August 2018 Instagram post.”You’ll sculpt every muscle and burn major calories and fat. It dramatically decreases stress levels, develops hand-eye coordination, and builds confidence and discipline. But most importantly … you’ll never stop learning.”

Scroll down to see Halle Berry’s transformation in photos over the years.