The cast of Friends has changed so much since the show first hit the small screen in 1994 — including the spunky and fun Lisa Kudrow, who played the iconic character Phoebe. The actress looks amazing for her age, but has she ever gotten plastic surgery?

The actress, 57, previously revealed she underwent a rhinoplasty surgery when she was 16, which she called “life altering” in a 2013 interview with The Saturday Evening Post. “I went from, in my mind, hideous, to not hideous. I did it the summer before going to a new high school,” she told the outlet. “So there were plenty of people who wouldn’t know how hideous I looked before. That was a good, good, good change.”

However, Lisa has been vocal about staying away from other types of plastic surgery and injectables. “I’m too afraid to do Botox or filler or plastic surgery. It doesn’t mean I won’t ever do it, but it all scares me a little too much,” she explained to Glamour in 2014. “I think everyone’s beautiful when they’re smiling. So I try to be happy. Drink in the good stuff.”

The following year, she doubled down on her stance during an interview with The Guardian. “I’m not convinced I would look better,” she admitted to the outlet. “I’m afraid I would only look altered. If I freeze this [my forehead] it would be harder for me to express anything.”

The Easy A star has also been vocal about her struggles with her weight while appearing on the NBC classic. “You see yourself on TV, and it’s that, ‘Oh my god, I’m just a mountain of a girl’. And I’m already bigger than Courteney [Cox] and Jennifer [Aniston],” the Los Angeles native previously revealed during a podcast interview. “[I was] taller, bigger. My bones feel bigger, I just felt like this mountain of a woman next to them.”

In fact, the Comeback star revealed during the May 2021 HBO Max reunion special that she has stayed away from watching the series — until recently, when husband Michel Stern began watching it. “Michel and I started watching some of season 4, which I thought I had watched. It’s as if I didn’t,” she said during a segment. “He enjoys them more than I do because I’m mortified with myself.”