It's hard to believe it has been nine years since Heath Ledger's death of an accidental overdose made headlines.

Fast forward nearly a decade, and the Australian actor, who won an Oscar for his role as the Joker shortly after his passing, has not been forgotten by fans.

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In an interview last year, his father, Kim Ledger, revealed Heath's heartbreaking final words.

"Basically, Heath was complaining about not being able to sleep, because he was busy, he was meeting Steven Spielberg the next morning, he really needed to be bright and shiny and he was finding it difficult with a chest cold, or the chest infection to sleep," his dad told ABC Australia about his last phone call with sister Kate. "So Kate was saying to him, 'well Heath, you can't take you know, sleeping tablets on top of prescription medication, you know its not a good mixture'."

He continued, "And he sort of said, 'Katie, Katie, look…it'll be fine, you know, I just need to get some sleep.'"

While his time in Hollywood was short, the 29-year-old star's legacy will live on thanks to his beautiful daughter Matilda, with ex Michelle Williams, and his inspiring work.

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