The last time I stepped foot into Hollister was probably in 2006 during my peak awkward years, hoping hoodie with a seagull on it could somehow take away from the fact that I had braces and frizzy hair. These days, although Hollister and its rival, Abercrombie & Fitch, still exist in some malls, they feel like ancient relics that today's youth just won't understand. The smell. The fact that you needed a damn flashlight every time you walked in. Seriously, what was with that? Anyway, some guy on Twitter is going viral thanks to his tweet about the "trauma" he experienced at these stores — during what I presume were his awkward years. Watch the video above to find out what he had to say! TBH, it cuts deep.

"A&F lightwashed slight flare, hit right above my brown leather flip flop, $69.50 can still picture the font on the price tag that was a real red letter day," one person responded. Another added, "I’m STILL haunted by these stores…," and a third chimed in, "I relate so hard to this. I was in high school during Peak Abercrombie," and a fourth agreed, "'Welcome to Hollister! Here's a flashlight and a gas mask.'" LOL.

Recently, we reminisced about 90s fashion trends, and while us regular people can hide our embarrassing photo albums in the back of our closet, celebrities' red carpet faux pas live on forever. We're lookin' at you, Mandy Moore!

mandy moore

Although we often associate 90's fashion with chokers and crop tops, guys didn't get away scot-free either. There were plenty of boy banders who battled a bottle of hair gel and lost and whose pants were about five sizes too big. Of course, who am I to judge. Pretty sure I still have that sweatshirt somewhere… and definitely bought a choker from Claire's when that trend made a comeback last year… So sue me.