As If Celebrities Weren’t #Blessed Enough, Tons of Stars Have Hot AF Bodyguards

When people first started theorizing that Kylie Jenner's bodyguard was also her baby daddy, we couldn't help but get distracted by one thing — how incredibly hot Tim Chung is. And he's not the only hot celebrity bodyguard out there. In fact, Hollywood is actually full of them — and we can't look away. We dug through the archives to find some of the hottest celebrity bodyguards out there. And, because we're so nice, we're sharing our findings with you. What can we say? All this eye candy has us feeling pretty generous.

There's just something about a good bodyguard that has us fantasizing about movie reboots where we take on the Whitney Houston role, you know what we mean? It doesn't help that these men are often spotted opening doors, leading their stars through crowds, with their arms protectively around their celebs or holding their hands… It's total fanfiction material. Ready to find your own fantasy? Check out all the hottest celebrity bodyguards in the gallery below.