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What’s a Vision Board, You Ask? Learn How to Accomplish Your Goals Using a Glue Stick and Dreams

Vision boards can be a great tool to help you put your goals and dreams in print — literally. Making a collage of the things you hope to achieve — even the wildest of dreams — can help you visualize a clear path to making your desires a reality.

To get started, many use a big poster board — that’s right, the one from science class. Then, search for images of things that represent goals for health, love, travel, money, work or any other area of your life. Add words or little reminders, if you like, but keep in mind your vision board can be whatever you want it to be — so go wild!

Influencers Melissa Ruiz, Kayla Ybanez, Isabella Silverio, Megan Yelaney, Emily Vavra and Evelyn Huynh reveal how making vision boards actually helped them achieve their dreams in the gallery below.