Written in partnership with Digital Nod.

Pubity Group, a Manchester-based organization, is behind some of the Internet’s favorite social media accounts.  

However, it wasn’t always a brand that enjoyed upwards of 250 million views each month. When he was just 14 years old, Pubity Group CEO Kit Chilvers set up his first Instagram account called footballnewz, posting mainly football stories.  

How did it go from footballnewz to becoming the hugely influential Pubity Group? And what does it take to become a brand with upwards of 100 million followers and 240 million views every month? 

Ever since its inception, Pubity has always done things differently. It has constantly shown it is not just another brand that would pass you by. Be it the clever sense of humor or a general feel-good factor; it goes the extra mile to make your day a little better.  

Under the umbrella of the Pubity Group are 16 different accounts, including the comedic Memezar and the entertaining Pubity. While these accounts boast a significant following of tens of millions, their non-follower viewership is even more impressive – the posts from these accounts dominate the Explore pages of major platforms like TikTok and Instagram.  

Millions of millennials and GenZ kids hang on to every word that comes from the Pubity Group. While the older generations turned to TV to catch up on daily news, the younger generations have turned to a few of their trusted sources, Pubity Group being at the forefront. Pubity has become a credible source of information that social media users largely rely on. It reports on the daily happenings from all around the world, from hilarious poolside pranks to the latest in celeb gossip. But at the same time, Pubity also touches on more serious topics, including sharing posts on cancer research and climate change.  

Unlike traditional media, the pro of social media is that it gives people a voice. And Pubity is no exception. It has become a platform for the younger generation. Simply tagging the account in their post gives people a fair shot at getting their content shared with millions of people from all over the world.  

The best part about brands such as Pubity is that they use their platforms to make a positive impact. Pubity Group strongly advocates creating a better world. To that end, the brand has partnered with several non-profits across the globe. A spokesperson of Pubity Group said: “Our constant endeavor is to bring people together to discuss and support issues that matter the most. It is our duty to encourage our global audiences to create change for the better.”