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Supplements” is a catch-all term for various treatments that include natural ingredients used to supplement an individual’s diet. In recent years, various supplements have taken the world by storm thanks to their ability to help individuals reach the health and wellness goals they were unable to reach on their own.

However, some may still wonder whether supplements are right for them. The good news is that, when used in conjunction with healthy lifestyle habits, they just might be.

How supplements help people reach their health and wellness goals

Ultimately, there are so many supplements on the market that it can be difficult for consumers to understand which ones they need to optimize their health. From basic vitamins that help correct nutritional deficiencies to more in-depth and proprietary formulas that offer specific effects, such as weight loss, there seems to be a supplement that can help people meet whatever health goal they may have. Nevertheless, it’s essential to research and understand the ingredients and effects of these supplements and their ingredients.

For example, while there are many supplements on the market designed for weight loss — some of which are even marketed as “miracle cures” — there are plenty of others whose formulas and effects are based on published and proven scientific research. ZipSlim® is one such weight loss supplement that utilizes scientifically-proven ingredients that have been shown to help assist in weight loss, reduced waist size, improve focus, mitigate feelings of stress, and more.

ZipSlim® is a revolutionary new weight loss supplement created by leading Integrative

Physician Dr. Mark Drucker and the team at Beyond Slim®. This drink mix uses ingredients like organic ashwagandha extract, green tea extract, and other natural ingredients scientifically proven to support healthy weight loss. Enjoyed before the patient’s two largest meals of the day, this delicious tasting drink mix helps regulate appetite and lets people feel fuller.

The key to weight loss that ZipSlim® and other effective weight loss supplements target is the patient’s metabolism. Dr. Drucker explains that a condition called “metabolic overload” is the root cause of midlife weight gain. He developed ZipSlim® to “wake up” and “reboot” the body’s metabolism by activating the enzyme AMPK, which regulates how the body burns food for fuel rather than storing it as fat.


Combining the power of supplements with healthy lifestyle habits

Telemedicine company MD Exam, which focuses on working with patients to prescribe FDA-approved weight loss medications, also emphasizes the importance of a healthy and well-balanced plan. In addition to the weight loss medication they prescribe, MD Exam provides its patients with an online support group, dedicated support, and an exercise and habit change program.

“There are many weight loss programs out there, and most of them don’t work,” says the team at MD Exam, whose programs are based on drugs that will help them create healthy lifestyle habits. For example, MD Exam’s Game Changer program is based around the highly potent GLP-1 drug Semaglutide, which interacts with the hormones that make patients feel hungry, which lets them feel full faster.


Indeed, according to Dr. Arvind Chakravarthy, the Medical Director of the personalized weight loss program Able, the key to weight loss is to treat the whole person, addressing all of the factors that affect an individual’s weight. Rather than advocate for diets that rely on calorie counting, Able is focused on helping people live a more holistically balanced life by improving the health of their bodies, minds, and lifestyles. “Paying attention to the quality of the food you consume is more important than religiously counting calories,” Able’s website reads.

This type of holistic wellness approach also contributes to other health benefits, in addition to long-lasting weight loss. With an approach that incorporates not only dietary changes, but also lifestyle adjustments and support for accountability and motivation, Chakravarthy explains that people can “reach a happy weight and feel confident in their body, getting fit for good and improving their overall health.”


For instance, some individuals might find that a holistic approach to their wellness could help contribute to better brain health and prevent them from developing diseases or conditions such as dementia. The Healthy Brain Clinic offers a Healthy Brain Program that creates an individualized plan for the patient’s brain health. This program involves a combination of brain health analysis, base nutrition planning, and education on lifestyle habits that could significantly affect the patient’s brain health.

The right combination of supplements, medicines, lifestyle changes, and healthy habits can not only have direct effects like weight loss, but also other benefits like improved cognitive function. This holistic approach to wellness works by addressing the wellness of the body as a whole, rather than treating specific problem areas, so be sure to look into which supplements work best for you in helping you meet your health and wellness goals.

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