Welcome to your skin check-in with Life & Style’s resident health and beauty expert, Dr. Will Kirby, a celebrity dermatologist and Chief Medical Officer of LaserAway. Every week, he’ll be spilling his candid thoughts and professional advice on all things skin, beauty and wellness as it relates to you — and your favorite stars.

Just like you and me, celebrities have to deal with itchy, flaky, dry skin in the winter, too! So, here are my foolproof tips and recommendations that I give them and now you to prevent dry skin in the winter.

Change your environment:

Do you think celebrities were born with that dewy, glowing skin? No way. See, in the winter, the air from your heater has a much lower level of humidity, so I always mandate that my celebrity patients purchase a humidifier. They are instructed to place it high up — like on a dresser — and to run it all night long. It’s truly remarkable how well hydrated your skin will be when you wake up in the morning after sleeping under a mist for eight hours

Take shorter showers:

While a long soak in a warm bath feels great on dry skin, it’s a huge step in the wrong direction. Something that many people don’t understand is that prolonged exposure to hot water can actually make you more itchy and uncomfortable in the long run. My cleaning tip for celebrities is to push play on their favorite song and jump in a quick, lukewarm shower. When the song is over, they have to hop out! 


Coffee, caffeinated soda and alcoholic beverages are all extremely poor substitutes for good old fashioned H2O. Skip that second trip to Starbucks and instead, drink an additional glass or two of plain water during the winter months. Your skin will thank you! And if you skip that second White Claw, your liver will thank you, too!


If goes without saying that topical moisturizers should be applied liberally! Do you have unlimited funds? Well, then waste your money on any over-priced moisturizing product! Are you fiscally responsible and want reasonably priced creams to hydrate your skin? Well, then try Rejuvenative Moisturizer, Drenched, Ultra Nourishing Cream, or Bio Cream Riche.

Alright … you drank too much, you live in an extremely cold environment and you took a long, hot bath and now, you have a dry skin emergency on your hands! Here is what you do: Procure some inexpensive pajamas, strip down buck naked, apply a thick coat of vaseline to your entire body, put the pajamas on, drink a large glass of water, turn your humidifier to the highest setting and then hop bed.

I assure you that you’ll wake up in the morning with baby soft skin! There is no magic pill to prevent dry skin in the winter, but the good news is that it’s relatively easy and inexpensive to deal with and these tips work for the most difficult celebrities in the world, so I know they will work for you, too!