nick young

Tell us how you really feel, Nick!

In case you didn’t know, Los Angeles Lakers star Nick Young has been dating rapper Iggy Azalea for quite some time now. And by his latest remarks, he’s more physically attracted to her than ever.

The genetically-gifted duo arrived to the REVEAL Calvin Klein launch party during New York Fashion Week on Monday night, and when asked about his curvaceous leading lady, 24, he offered up this response: “I like her style — but it’s not about what she puts on. I have more fun taking her clothes off.” (According to the New York Post.)

In fact, the 29-year-old athlete wouldn’t stop talking about Iggy’s hour-glass bod, adding, “I am definitely into her curves — and her other assets.” (We see what you did there, guyyy.)


We’ll give him a gold star for honesty.

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