Being vulnerable to the internet is never easy, but beauty influencer Sadia Slayy is taking to Instagram to open up about the reality of her post-baby body.

On Thursday, August 1, the 28-year-old posted a mirror body photo that puts her tummy on display. Sadia shared the pic, along with an emotional lengthy caption about her insecurities and how she hopes she can help other women in the same situation.

“It’s been nine months since I’ve had Aydin,” she wrote. “It’s also been nine months since anyone, including my husband, has seen my stomach after giving birth, but here I am posting it for the world to see. Some might scroll by and think, ‘ugh that’s so disgusting why would she post that’ and that’s OK. But a lot of you will see it and feel a sense of relief.”


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Then, the brunette beauty revealed she’s guilty of comparing herself to others. “I constantly see perfect women on my timeline and some days it really makes me feel down,” she continued, “‘Why did she not get any stretch marks after having her baby?’ ‘How does she look so perfect and I look like this?’ These are some of the thoughts that go through my mind. I would post photos that hid my flaws and made me look amazing, thinking it would make me feel better.”

However, she confessed that others would often do the same and compare themselves to her. “I would get comments saying things like ‘It’s not fair you look so good after having a baby’ etc … and it would actually make me feel terrible because I felt like I was making others feel bad about themselves when I myself felt the same way they did! I want to show you the imperfect side of Instagram so you know you’re not alone,” she wrote.

In her post, she admitted that once she found out she was expecting her son, she “started using oils and creams religiously thinking” it would prevent any stretch marks, but that wasn’t the case for her, and she’s finally accepting it.

“So now, nine months later, I’ve decided it’s enough of feeling bad about how I look,” she continued. “God gave me a beautiful child, so why has it made me feel as bad as it does? It’s so unimportant. My child is happy healthy and I couldn’t ask for more. But social media has brainwashed so many of us into thinking our outside appearance is more important than it actually is. I’ve decided to share this even though it makes me 100% vulnerable to all of you and your judgements. I’m here to show you that we aren’t perfect. We all have flaws, and here is one of mine. I want you to feel better about yours and not be ashamed.”

So inspiring and brave!