This is how Luke Bryan rolls! The country singer — who has been married to his wife Caroline Boyer since 2006 — decided to crash a wedding in Savannah, GA on Sunday night's episode of American Idol. Luke told the cameras, "We just did a day of auditions and we found out that like, two minutes away, there's a real, live wedding happening… We heard that they're big fans of mine so we're going to go have some fun and crash a real wedding, real quick."

While the wedding guests were incredibly confused to see Luke stroll in, he quickly became the center of attention. Not only did he start popping bottles of champagne on the dance floor, but also gave a toast to the newlyweds that, unfortunately, didn't make it on air. Instead, viewers watched him give an impromptu performance of his hit track, "Country Girl," after the DJ started playing the song.

People spoke with the bride, McKenna Neidlinger Lipski — who had seen Luke twice in concert — and her husband, Austin Lipski about the surprise appearance. She said, "I couldn't believe it," before explaining how the show's producers pulled thing whole thing off. "The American Idol producers called the venue manager and asked if it would be ok for Luke to crash our wedding reception. The venue manager had to contact my mom to make sure we would be ok with it."

Of course, her mom agreed. Luke stayed to take pictures, dance, hang out, and party with the wedding guests. And while American Idol has always been a singing competition, Luke proved that there might be some really unexpected things happening during the show's reboot, which stars himself and the two other celebrity judges, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie.