Meghan, Daryl, and a baby makes three! During a recent interview, singer Meghan Trainor, 25, gushed that she and her new hubby, Daryl Sabara, who wed on Dec. 22, are ready to start a family. “If we could do it how we want to, we’d be, like, totally preggo right now!” the “All About That Bass” singer admitted.

The question is, what’s stopping them? Well, the songstress plans on waiting until after she goes on tour for her upcoming third album, Treat Myself. Even so, the delay hasn’t stopped the couple from preparing! In fact, she and the former Spy Kids actor, 26, are going above and beyond to make sure they’re the best parents on the block.

“We’re ready to rumble. I want some children! I want kids!” Megan continued. “We’re both so excited for it. We both constantly watch baby YouTube videos and lessons on YouTube, like ‘How to take care of an infant.’ We’re just getting prepared every single day. But I’m gonna tour this album, then start thinking about doing it.”

Well, we hate to bring math into this, y’all, but… seeing as Meghan’s album is anticipated to drop on Jan. 25, we suspect it’s going to be a long time before her tour is finished. On average, most performers tour for a year — and according to Meg’s official website, the dates haven’t even been announced yet. Sigh. That said, given the pair’s enthusiasm, we have no doubt by this time next year that they’ll have a little one on the way or at the very least, they’ll be trying.

For now, it’s clear that the newlyweds are perfectly content soaking up each other’s company. Meghan and Daryl are constantly posting about their love on Instagram. “Still can’t believe how beautiful Meghan Trainor is,” Daryl captioned their latest couples selfie. Ugh, they’re just too cute.