Comfortable in the skin she’s in! On Thursday, April 4, Iskra Lawrence took to Instagram to share a stunning new snapshot of her booty in a bikini. The model, 28, is currently vacationing in the Maldives a.k.a. the perfect place to show off her unedited killer curves … which is exactly what’s she doing. Get it, girl!

“#CelluLIT,” Iskra cleverly captioned the post of herself leaning over an infinity pool. Sounds divine, TBH. Naturally, her followers are living for Iskra’s powerful message (and backside, for that matter).

Iskra Lawrence in a pink bikini on the beach

“Thank you for showing this! I always get sad seeing these perfect Instagram models without any imperfections. This definitely made me feel better about my cellulite. You are so amazing, inside and out, Iskra,” one user commented. “You are so beautiful! You inspired young girls to embrace who they are. I will always follow you on Instagram because you help me be ME,” added another.

Are y’all crying? Because we may or may not be tearing up a bit. It’s so refreshing to see an influencer receive the praise they so very much deserve. Speaking of praise, Iskra’s boyfriend, Philip Payne, also showed his lady some serious love.

“Dis a trap and I’m CAUGHT!!!!!,’ he commented along with several heart-eyed and flame emojis. We stan a man who knows how lucky he is. Although the pair kept their relationship private for quite some time, Iskra and Philip became Instagram official in January.

Model Iskra Lawrence greets her boyfriend with a big kiss while she poses in bikinis on the beach in Miami

“This is our love story and for the first time ever, I’m posting my man,” the blonde beauty began her heartwarming birthday message to Philip. “Even though it’s scary allowing something so pure and private to be out in social media for the whole world to pick apart and judge, I don’t care and I want to share us with the world.”

Well, Iskra, we’re so glad you did. Thanks for being so open and honest with your fans. Keep slaying!