At this point we expect This Is Us to be chock full of wild twists and turns. Even still, the Season 2 episode “Brothers” still threw us for a loop! We thought we knew everything there is to know about Milo Ventimiglia’s character Jack Pearson (except, uh, how he dies), but this week we learned that he actually has (or had?) a brother!

jack's brother, youtube

Young Jack and his brother Nicky

It all started when Jack, Randall, and Kevin are camping in the woods, and Jack learns that his father is dying. He decides that the old man isn’t worth visiting before he passes away, but that still sparks some painful memories for Jack. In a late-night flashback, Jack remembers waiting in the car while his father drinks at a bar (instead of taking him on a fishing trip like he was supposed to.) However, the camera pans to the back seat, where another little boy with thick glasses is waking up from a nap!

“Where are we?” asks the child. “Look who finally woke up,” responds Jack. That’s when we figure out who the child is, as he asks “where’s dad? when’s he coming back?” “Probably not for a while,” Jack answers. “But don’t worry Nicky, I’m not going anywhere.” Okay, so Jack has a little brother named Nicky that he was very protective of as a kid. Where is this mysterious now?

jack's brother, youtube

Jack and his brother Nicky

Unfortunately, we’re worried he might not actually be alive anymore. After the flashback, Jack pulls out a box of old photos, and lingers on one from his military days. In it, he’s posing with another adult man with glasses and a “Pearson” patch on his fatigues. We can only assume the guy in the photo is also his brother Nicky, and the sad look on Jack’s face makes us wonder if he died in the war. We’ll just have to tune in next week to find out!