Jackie Christie from Basektball Wives' is a proud mom of three kids, but while fans have seen her daughter Chantel Christie make an appearance on the hit VH1 reality TV series, it's been a while since they've seen her estranged daughter Ta'Kari Lee on the show. Jackie's estrangement from Ta'Kari runs a little bit deeper than the incident with Ta'Kari's son's GoFundMe page back in 2016 — but two years later, that is still one of the main subjects on Jackie's storyline this season. So what do we really know about Jackie Christie's daughter, Ta'Kari?

Fans will remember that back in 2016, Ta'Kari's then eight-month-old son Jaxson had suffered horrific third-degree burns while being cared for at a local daycare. Kari was not able to work while she cared for her son during his hospitalization, and she was also facing mounting medical bills for his treatment so she started a GoFundMe to raise $3,000 to help her with her financial burden. When BBW fans learned about Kari's situation, they immediately took to Jackie's social media pages and slammed her for being a bad mother and grandmother for not helping her own daughter and grandson during their time of need.


Jackie maintained that Kari never asked her for money and she claimed that she actually found out about her grandson's condition via social media. But on top of the fact that Kari's GoFundMe made her mom look bad, Jackie's BBW co-star Evelyn Lozada went ahead and donated the full $3,000 to Kari — which made Jackie feel like Evelyn was throwing shade and that's what started their entire feud. "I feel like, 'What are you trying to say, Evelyn?' Are you saying that I can’t take care of my kid?" Jackie said in a previous episode.

But Jackie and Evelyn's feud is nothing compared to the tense relationship that Jackie has with Kari. Last August, Kari decided to tell her side of the story by publishing a book, and she revealed that the reason why she struggles to have a relationship with her estranged mother stems from her childhood. Since Kari was raised by her grandmother, she said she was never able to make a connection with her own mom.

"I don’t blame my mother for leaving me with my grandmother. That was the best decision ever. I don’t put it on that," Kari said in an interview with Madam Noire. "I’m not calling my mother a bad mother. I’m not calling her a bad person. I’m saying, 'You just do not like me.' We don’t have that mother-daughter connection." But on this week's episode, Jackie revealed that she will start therapy in order to heal herself so she can work on her relationship with her daughter. Hopefully Jackie and Kari can work this out!