Who is Jennifer Williams from Basketball Wives' stalker? Season 7 of VH1's hit reality TV series kicked off with its fair share of messy drama from the castmembers, but OG star Jennifer was dealing with something a little bit more serious than just pettiness. Since cameras stopped rolling, Jennifer was involved in a relationship with her boyfriend, Welcome to Sweetie Pie's star Tim Norman. But things went south quickly between them and it escalated to the point where Tim was allegedly stalking Jennifer and she had to get an order of protection.

"When I met my ex, I was definitely in a vulnerable place," Jennifer said in her confessional. "I had just lost my mom, I was looking for some form of companionship, he really appeared to be a gentleman. I did see red flags, but I thought I could fix that. B—h, no you can’t. I ended it. Three months later, I see him on my street. Now I have to face him in court so I can get a restraining order against him."

Jennifer showed up in LA county court back in January and presented her case to the judge. According to court documents obtained by TMZ, she had broken up with him in Sept. 2017 but she had kept text messages from Tim while they were dating, where he seemed extremely aggressive and jealous.

Jennifer had been leaning on her pal Evelyn Lozada for support throughout the ordeal, who unfortunately knows what it’s like to be in an abusive relationship. Evelyn even acted as a witness in the case and said Jennifer called her in Dec. 2017 and told Evelyn that she was afraid of Tim because he can be very "violent." Upon reviewing the evidence, the judge granted Jennifer a temporary restraining order in January 2018. As of March, Jennifer was attempting to get a permanent restraining order, according to TMZ.