Don’t mess with Jaime King — or her fans! The Hart of Dixie star recently shared a video of her adorable son James playing in a dress, and her followers quickly applauded her decision to not bend to gender norms.

In the clip, James can be seen wearing a bright purple and green mermaid costume and running barefoot with an oversized blanket. Her fans made sure to clap back at any haters who had mean things to say about the four-year-old’s fashion sense — because it’s 2017 and people need to get over it. Watch the video below to see the adorable moment!

“I think that the way you are raising your boys is amazing, I think it is incredible to encourage so much personal identity from such a young age and not putting typical stereotypes on them you let them choose what makes them feel good and make them feel themselves and that is such a beautiful thing,” one fan wrote. “I hope more people come to this openness and loving place, more boys should be in Mermaid costumes and girls with toy trucks… It’s just so enlightening and inspiring to see your boys living life the way they want and embracing what they love.”

Another fan added, “Adorable! So inspiring The way you are raising your little ones…” Jaime is not the only celeb who lets their kids dress in whatever makes them feel comfortable. Just look at Megan Fox, whose sons are often spotted out wearing dresses, and Angelina Jolie‘s daughter Shiloh.

Jaime, who is also a mom to son Leo Thames, 2, also launched a gender-neutral kids clothing line to make sure all children feel accepted. “We have set limitations upon our children and babies, whether that be consciously or subconsciously. Somewhere along the line of ‘dos and don’ts,’ we relegated children into little boxes that are so restrictive,” the 37-year-old told People. “Somehow, the world decided that boys belong in blue and girls belong in pink and anything other than that is weird or strange and in some ways frowned upon — as if allowing a boy to wear purple or hot pink is steering them in the wrong direction.”