Get over it! Megan Fox is one proud mama after sharing rare photos of her kids on social media — but her fans can’t seem to wrap their head around her son (not daughter) wearing a dress. Rocking a light blue Frozen princess costume, her oldest boy Noah is getting the most attention.

“So [the] boy dresses like a girl..or is a girl?” one commenter wrote before another added, “I’m confused. Thought she had 3 boys?” Yes, apparently her son’s choice of outfit and his long hair threw some of her followers through a loop. Watch the video below to see the “controversial” photo.

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However, other fans were there to defend the Transformers actress and her decision to raise her children without gender stereotypes. “I love that you let your children wear what they want,” one follower wrote while another called out a nay-sayer, commenting, “All 3 boys are absolutely adorable.”

This is not the first time Megan, 31, along with her husband Brian Austin Green, have allowed their sons to express themselves through their clothing. Earlier this year, Noah, 4, along with his little brother Bodhi, 3, wore matching dresses for a day at the playground. Again, fans were quick to judge the mother-of-three. “Why on earth has Megan Fox dressed her sons up as girls with long hair and pink dresses on!! What a weirdo,” another person commented.

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Megan has spoken out about her parenting style, revealing she is strict when it comes to raising her kids. “Noah is too young and I try to keep them from television and movies for the most part. I think any sort of screen — whether it’s television, iPad or iPhone — is really bad for their brain development so I try to remove that from their lives,” she said. “I also want to deter them from ever being on social media because I think it’s detrimental to a child’s self-esteem. I have lots of opinions on this.”

Again, it’s 2017 people. Time to grow up.