Social media star Jake Paul is using his enormous platform — he currently has over 14 million subscribers on YouTube — to talk about gun control in the wake of Feb. 14's Parkland school shooting that left 17 people dead. Not only did he travel to Florida to talk with students who survived the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and their parents, but he even got the sunshine state's Senator Marco Rubio on Skype to discuss gun laws he's currently working on.

jake paul gun control video

In between footage from a CNN town hall meeting — during which Senator Rubio admitted he would still accept donations from the NRA and "anyone" who supports him — Jake asked about passing laws and what kind of thought process goes behind it. Senator Rubio said, "What I'm trying to do is figure out what are the things we agree on. Let's do those things first, it makes sense."

He continued to explain a few things lawmakers learned from the Parkland school shooting. "Like most of these shootings, it isn't like some guy wakes up in the morning and goes and buys a gun and kills a bunch of people. It's generally someone over a couple of years whose been getting worse and worse," he said.

"I think in like 8/10 of these cases they actually tell someone before they do it, this is what they’re going to do and sometimes people just don't take it seriously. The best thing here is to stop someone before they even show up at the school to shoot it up."

jake paul talks to marco rubio

And it was following this chat with Senator Rubio, that Jake revealed why he made this video — to show parents and students "on the ground" that they need to take action and get active because "that's the way things are going to get done the fastest." Jake said that these politicians in Washington who constantly disagree are going to be useless when it comes to making a change.

And Jake took it to the ground level as he chatted with Jonathan "JB" Blank — whose black sneakers were visible in a video that went viral minutes after the alleged shooter, Nikolas Cruz, starting shooting up his classroom. JB's mom said he hasn't been the same since that day.

jake paul talks to parkland survivors

JB told Jake he was glad he came to talk to him as it felt easier than talking to a doctor or a therapist. "At first I thought it was a drill, we have been practicing drills like this forever just to make sure that we're okay and safe," he shared.

"So at first, I heard a bunch of pops, I thought they were fake but I still went down as fast as possible. As I was going down I realized that it was real. Bullets went through my door, two people were killed in my classroom, and two others were shot and injured."

While Jake and his brother, Logan Paul, are known to create incredibly controversial YouTube videos, this one is sure to be beneficial by keeping the Stoneman Douglas High School students' voices in the media. Not only is Jake letting these kids be heard on his platform, but he also pledged to donate $25,000 to help the community as well as chartering two buses for students to attend the March for Our Lives event on March 24.