Despite being known for her strong opinions and publicly calling out celebs, #AerieREAL Role Model Jameela Jamil only has positive words to say about Meghan Markle. “I love Meghan Markle so much,” the 33-year-old exclusively tells Life & Style.

”She’s such a breath of fresh air and she had to overcome so much racism and so much classism when she was entering the royal family, just because she happened to fall in love with a man who’s in that family,” Jameela continued. “I think she’s really going to revolutionize things.”

The body positive activist didn’t stop there, though! Jameela has given the Duchess of Sussex’s husband her seal of approval, too. “And I think Harry’s great,” she added. “I’ve always been a massive fan of his and so I think together they’re amazing.”

Courtesy of Aerie

The admiration isn’t one-sided either  — the royal couple is following one of Jameela’s biggest platforms on social media. “We had such an incredible win for @i_weigh because the royals (@sussexroyal) are only following 16 accounts and @i_weigh is one of them because we’re one of the best spaces for mental health on the internet,” she gushes.

And how does Jameela deal with her own stress? By taking up boxing! “I’d like to start exercising for mental health because I think it’s really important for my psychology. I get very, very stressed and I don’t have an outlet for it and I don’t drink so I’m going to start boxing.” To be honest, we have no doubt that she could kick our butts.

“I’m very into allowing my body to do whatever she’s doing,” Jameela expressed. “Sometimes she gets bigger, sometimes she gets smaller — but I’m fine with my body. I’ve been very much skinnier than this. It took me a very long time to stop thinking about my body. I don’t diet, but I also don’t live on cheeseburger,” she confessed. 

“I eat what my body craves and intuitively. If I want a burger it’s because I need a burger and if I want a salad and it’s because I need a salad. I have big plans for boxing. Just you wait!”

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