In the May 9 episode of Emerging Hollywood, Jameela Jamil got candid about her insecurities and confessed she developed an eating disorder by the time she became a teenager.

“When I was younger, I thought you weren’t worth anything no matter what you achieved in your life unless you had jutting hip bones,” the actress, 33, told Charlamagne tha God. “I felt embarrassed about having a little 7-year-old tummy,” she explained. “By the time I was about 11 or 12, I had very, very bad body shame because I wanted to look like all of the anorexic models in my magazines, and I was fully anorexic by the time I was about 13.”

Things got so bad for The Good Place star that she eventually stopped menstruating. “My body was sort of letting me know that I was dying on the inside.” It wasn’t until a tragic accident when she was 17 that encouraged her to look at things differently. “It’s ’cause I got hit by a car at 17 into another car and broke a part of my back, that I was able to have some sense literally knocked into me that I stopped starving myself,” she confessed.

Becoming “completely physically disabled,” made her appreciate her body after taking it for granted for so long. “This body was doing so much for me all along and I was just starving it and actively, actively hurting it and trying to kill it all the time,” she added.

She confessed that despite the fact that she stopped starving herself shortly after the accident, the insecurities still went on for several years. “I still had an anorexic mentality that went on until I was maybe about 28, 29 years old.” Because of her experiences, she believes it’s crucial for others with a platform to set a good example for young girls.

“I don’t cancel the Kardashians, or Iggy Azalea or Cardi B,” she explained. “I’m not canceling them, I’m reprimanding them. It’s fine to call someone out. You’re offering them the opportunity of changing,” she said. Preach, girl!