Not a laughing matter. James Charles took to Twitter to slam the number of jokes and memes he’s seen regarding his highly publicized feud with Tati Westbrook in May 2019. 

At the time, Tati accused James of coercing straight men into hooking up with him, an allegation he continues to vehemently deny. However, it seems the internet won’t let the scandal go. 

Tati Westbrook, James Charles
Courtesy of Tati Westbrook/YouTube

“James Charles said “f–k it, I’mma get the straight guys somehow,” one user captioned two photos of the popular influencer dressed in drag. “Oh, f–k. There’s a cute guy in this cafe, but ugh, I think he’s straight, though. Gonna pull a James Charles on him,” a second person tweeted.

Others have even gone as far as to create fake conversations with James on social media or dating apps. “I understand that James Charles straight boy punchlines are an easy way to get likes, but I’ve had enough of the edited DMs and fake dating app conversations,” the 20-year-old YouTuber said. “Some of y’all are far too ugly to ever get my attention and lying for clout is even uglier. Cut it out.”

James Charles

One fan replied that James’ statement was “kinda mean,” but he doesn’t think so! “Nah, it’s not,” the New York native wrote. “What’s mean, is people making a joke out of something that I’ve already proved my innocence on that ruined my life and mental health for months on end.”

In November, James spoke candidly about how he’s still dealing with the aftermath of what happened with Tati. “I’m not mentally in a place where I want to be,” he Paper magazine. “What’s even harder to swallow is that it’s been six months since all the drama happened. I thought by this time I’d be completely good — back to normal, if you will — and that’s not the case.”

Here’s hoping James can put all the negativity behind him in 2020!

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