Sister Stylish! James Charles Wears a Sexy Leather Jumpsuit While Doing Press in NYC

Sister looks seriously good, y’all! YouTuber James Charles was spotted heading into Strahan & Sara on October 16 — and the 20-year-old’s outfit was totally on point. Plus, his new blonde hairdo was on full display, too. Talk about ~influencing~.

The vlogger arrived at the studio for his on-camera appearance in a leather jumpsuit, complete with a trendy Gucci belt (yes, with the two Gs). Though this ~lewk~ is a little more conventional, at least for James — if you’re a fan, you know he’s worn similar ‘fits in the past — he has definitely made attempts to branch out recently.

The now-blonde MUA took to his Twitter back in August to ask fans for their thoughts on his style after he got seriously roasted for his latex, dominatrix-inspired outfit for the 2019 VMAs.

“I’ve been trying hard to elevate my style and outfits,” the beauty guru explained to his fans. “A lot of people say my ‘extra’ outfits are too Coachella (fair, TBH), but if I wear something more toned down, like a suit, I get dragged for being boring. Genuine question: What type of silhouette would you want to see me in?”

But he made sure to let fans know he wasn’t changing everything. “I love my looks and I feel super beautiful and confident in them which is ALL that matters,” he dished. “But I would love to hear some honest, ***constructive*** feedback.”

Believe it or not, the feedback was totally there — and it wasn’t bad. “I wanna see more color, not just in your makeup looks, but the outfits as well,” one follower wrote, while another suggested, “You should try to do a plain suit with a statement heel, some strategically placed jewelry and a bomb eye look to top it all off.”

Despite his genuine connection with fans, James has been called out for being a clout chaser, just like nearly every other YouTuber. But he had one really famous face come to his defense over it: Paris Hilton.

“He is beautiful inside and out, sweet, funny, talented, charismatic and working hard building his brand,” the OG influencer, 38, told fans throwing shade on Instagram. “I am so proud of him and his success.” So are we, girl!

Scroll through the gallery to see photos of James nailing his look in NYC.