James Franco and BFF Seth Rogen spoofed yet another Kimye hit—this time it’s their Vogue magazine cover.

On Friday, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s April cover of Vogue was released causing TONS of Internet reaction.

Even Miss Piggy and Kermit wanted to join in on the fun—spoofing the cover and recreating their own.

Kimye Spoofs By Miss Piggy

Later on in the day, James Franco shared his own spoof on Instagram with the caption, “Seth! Love you, dog!”

However, Franco and Rogen’s spoof doesn’t come as a surprise being that they’ve spoofed the 33-year-old reality star and the 36-year-old rapper’s work in the past.

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When Kanye’s Bound 2 music video was released in November featuring Kim, Franco and Rogen shared their own Bound 3 video shortly after—and Kimye loved it!

bound 3 spoof

“Kanye says what’s up!,” Kim tweeted Seth at the time. “He loves u guys! He laughed so hard at this.”

Since the #worldsmosttalkedaboutcouple, according to Vogue, enjoyed their video spoof, there’s no doubt they won’t like This Is the End co-stars’ work this time around.

You tell us: Who owned the highly-coveted cover? Kim and Kanye OR James and Seth?!