He’s taking a stand! Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor is no stranger to haters — he’s currently in the middle of a ton of drama with his co-stars who don’t support his engagement to his longtime girlfriend Brittany Cartwright — but now he’s drawing a line. The Bravo star took to Instagram on Saturday, June 23 to put a hater on blast after she made some pretty awful threats and comments about Jax’s dogs.

“If you have the balls to cyberbully, [threaten] people or animals I will blast you. This is your warning,” Jax wrote on Instagram. “That girl [@jessicastarr5] cannot get away with stuff like this and it can’t be ignored or it will continue, the only way this will stop is if your report these awful human beings. If you don’t like me on TV that’s fine, I don’t care but threatening harm or hate on other people or animals that don’t have a voice will not be accepted. I will continue to report and/or put others on blast if I see this again. We have to stop this. This is your warning.”

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Say what you want about me, I give zero fucks if you like me or not, but if you go after people or animals that don’t have a voice you deserve everything that comes your way, make no mistake it’s social media absolutely no reason for this kind of behavior, it’s calculated. Saying Sorry will not work with me. I have ZERO tolerance for this, you have been warned. You want to be “cute” or “brave” or think you are funny, you have that right. But I will find you. This has to end now. Build others up that don’t have a voice in life make everyone feel special. I am not bullying this “college girl who is apparently smart enough to be in school but not smart enough to not bully people on social media. The “I am sorry” or the “poor me” will not work with me. And all ignoring does is allow more school shootings, more suicides it has to fucking start somewhere. Learn from this move on and change your ways, turning your head and ignoring in this day and age does nothing. I am tired of it. Enjoy your day. You all deserve to be happy. And lastly I am not saying to attack anyone or even this person I am saying this so people are aware of what is going on and to report them. It’s a shame I had to use this person as an example but it has to start somewhere.

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Jax seemed to be pretty upset after shared a photo of him with his adorable pups Kingsley and Monroe — whom he shares with Brittany — on social media as a way to raise awareness for the petition against the Yulin dog meat festival. But one fan seemed to be upset with Jax’s activism and in a screenshot shared by Jax, she allegedly wrote, “I hope [your] dog gets hit by a car.”

The reality star is not taking threats against his dog lightly, and he made it very clear in his response. “Say what you want about me, I give zero f–ks if you like me or not,” he wrote, “but if you go after people or animals that don’t have a voice, you deserve everything that comes your way.”