Going out in style? Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jen Shah was seen carrying a Gucci purse to her prison sentencing less than one month after her fake handbags were confiscated by police. 

Shah, 49, was spotted walking out of the courtroom on Friday, January 6, wearing a tan coat with matching pants and carrying what appeared to be a leopard-print Gucci clutch. The Bravolebrity has reportedly been seen with this purse in the past. 

The reality star’s accessory was an interesting choice for her court day, as authorities confiscated more than 50 counterfeit bags and different sets of jewelry from her home in Utah in mid-December 2022. 

During her wire fraud trial, Shah was sentenced to 78 months, which equates to 6.5 years, in prison. Additionally, she will also be subjected to five years of supervised release upon serving her full sentence. 

Her sentencing came after prosecutors argued that Shah should serve 120 months, which is 10 years, in jail. 

Jen Shah Has Gucci Purse in Court After Fakes Confiscated 

“To us, these were not numbers, these are older vulnerable people whose lives were turned upside down by the defendant’s telemarketing scam, and they still suffer,” prosecutor Robert Sobelman asserted in court.

Before her sentencing hearing, the United Stated government also recommended that the Bravo personality receive 10 years behind bars after she requested a reduced three-year sentence, claiming that her “terrible business decisions” were attributed to “personal painful experiences.” 

Jen Shah Prison Sentence
Chris Haston/Bravo

According to court documents obtained by In Touch on December 23, 2022, the government wrote that Shah “took a series of increasingly extravagant steps to conceal her criminal conduct from the authorities” and “engaged in a years-long, comprehensive effort to hide her continued role in the scheme.” 

“Many of those people suffered significant financial hardship and damage,” the court documents read. “At the defendant’s direction, victims were defrauded over and over again until they had nothing left. She and her co-conspirators persisted in their conduct until the victims’ bank accounts were empty, their credit cards were at their limits, and there was nothing more to take.”

The government also pointed out that the Salt Lake City native was “an integral leader” in the nationwide telemarketing fraud scheme that “victimized thousands of innocent people” as a result, including many who are “elderly or vulnerable.”

Shah and her assistant, Stuart Smith, were arrested in Salt Lake City in March 2021. Both were charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud in connection with telemarketing and conspiracy to commit money-laundering. Although she initially pleaded not guilty to the charges, Shah changed her plea to guilty in July 2022, confessing to Judge Sidney Stein that she “agreed” to “commit wire fraud” from 2012 to March 2021.