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Jenna Dewan Says Her Daughter Everly Is a Dancer Just Like Her, But She ‘Will Not Be a Stage Mom!’

Like mother, like daughter — at least most of the time. Jenna Dewan revealed that her daughter, Everly Tatum, is taking up her mother’s favorite pastime, dancing, and needless to say, there’s no better mover to learn from. Though, to be fair, it seems as though the 6-year-old is learning to like the practice more and more in her own time.

“She did. She does. She did, she did a ballet and tap class and a recital. She liked it. She didn’t like love it,” the 38-year-old revealed while hosting a Mamarazzi event at Mr. Purple in NYC to celebrate her book Gracefully You. “It wasn’t something like, oh I want to keep doing this. But then lately, she did mention she wants to do it again so I would — too scared to push her because I don’t want her to rebel. I am like OK, that’s fine, we will see what you are into. She is also, like, only 6.”

But the brunette beauty did say no matter what happens with her daughter’s interests, she won’t be doing the whole ~momager~ thing. “I will not be a stage mom, but don’t worry, I was crying my eyes out at her recital,” Jenna gushed. “I brought her a bouquet of flowers that were bigger than her body. It was a little too over excited but it was like … I was that mom. I was like, oh my god!”

It’s no surprise that the proud mama is so focused on her daughter right now, considering the sweet little fam they’ve made with Jenna’s boyfriend, Steve Kazee, is about to expand by one. But before all of that happiness made its way into their lives, the dancer felt pressure to simply navigate a new relationship and the dating game with her daughter’s blessing.

“Then there was my daughter. She’s very shy and funny and standoffish with men. It takes her a long time to warm up to others,” she wrote in her book about the aftermath of her divorce from Everly’s dad, Channing Tatum. “I predicted this child was going to be jealous of whoever else I spent my time with. How would I ever date with her blessing? My fears were going haywire.”

But it seems as though with the baby on the way and a great connection between her new man and her little girl, things can only go up from here for Jenna. “Ultimately now I can honestly say that I’m living in a very joyful new place in my life,” she recently told PEOPLE. “And I’m happy about it.”

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