Jennifer Aniston is back in body blast mode as she gears up for a new season of The Morning Show – but pals are urging her to slow down on the exercise obsession and finally give herself a break. An insider exclusively tells Life & Style, “Unlike with Season 3, Jen didn’t have to fight for months to get a fourth season of The Morning Show ordered, and it was actually one of the easiest huge deals she’s made in her career because the show has finally matured into a bona fide streaming hit.”

Jennifer, 55, and Reese Witherspoon costar in the Apple TV+ series and Jennifer previously described the relationship with her cast as “family.”

During a panel at Paramount Studios on June 2, the Friends star gushed that she and her costars “love to hate each other, and we love to love each other.”

“I think that’s sort of a really fun dynamic that Reese and I get to play,” she said. “And, of course, we would like to be together forever, I would think. I hope, but … we really don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Now that production for season 4 of The Morning Show got the green light, Jennifer is preparing for her role to get in tip-top shape physically.

“No, the battle Jen is fighting right now is to get her body camera-ready and red carpet ready as the new season gears up to shoot in the spring, and Jen is pulling out all the stops and back on her most punishing workout schedule at her home gym, chasing the dragon of rock-hard abs and toned shoulders,” the insider tells Life & Style. “She’s going hard every single day on this stuff. What Jen would tell you is that it’s all part of the performance as Alex on The Morning Show, right down to the chiseled stomach and perfect, yoga-fueled posture, and it’s working!”

The insider gushes that “people have fallen in love with her prickly pear character on that show, and partially because Jen looks hot as hell playing her! But it’s still weird to see a woman in her fifties without a partner and with tens of millions banked absolutely pushing herself to the limit with workouts like she’s a 25 year old. As fortunate as Jen has been, it’s all a little sad when you take a couple of steps back from the situation.”

Jennifer Aniston Is Preparing for The Morning Show in the Gym

Apple TV+ has yet to set a premiere date for The Morning Show season 4. However, the series showrunner and executive producer Charlotte Stoudt revealed it will be available to stream “after” the 2024 presidential election.