Jennifer Aniston puts in the work when it comes to her toned body and she gave fans a rare treat by flaunting her toned abs in an Instagram photo she shared on April 27.

The Morning Show star posed with one arm over the back of her head and her knee bent as she smiled in a selfie with Pvolve head trainer Dani Coleman. Jen, 55, wore a crop top and leggings that displayed her ripped obliques and flat stomach.

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The Friends alum began partnering with Pvolve in June 2023 after becoming a devotee of the workout that combines “low-impact functional fitness with resistance equipment, cardio bursts and micromovement.”

“I like to find something that really works and then share it with my girlfriends. If I had known about it 20 years ago when I was breaking my body to begin with, we would’ve saved so much pain,” Jen told People after it was announced she’d be working with Pvolve on product, marketing and programming strategy.

Jennifer Aniston Flaunts Toned Abs in Crop Top in Workout Photo
Courtesy of Jennifer Aniston/Instagram

The Emmy winner said the workout was especially helpful as her body changed with aging.

“I just want more people to know about it because I think it’s so good. Especially as we get into our lovely older periods, we have to keep it exciting. And we have to be kinder to our bodies,” Jen added.

While still a devotee of Pilates and fan of hiking, the entrepreneur explained, “I have hung up the 45 minutes of cardio, the aggressive CrossFits. That didn’t, for me, work. And I think for longevity and something that is sustainable and you don’t burn out, this just has worked for me,” she said of the workout plan.

The Sherman Oaks, California, native shared the workout photo in a carousel of pictures which included other glimpes into her daily life.

Jen looked stunning in a car selfie with her famed golden locks styled to fame her face, tagging her haircare company LolaVie in the snapshot. The We’re the Millers actress also added a photo of her white rescue dog, Lord Chesterfield, resting his head atop her lap while covering up a script she was reading.

Her “day in the life” pictures included dinner out with girlfriends Molly McNearney and Amanda Anka, as well as snuggling with her second dog, Clyde, on his doggie bed. Jen seemed to end her day with a little self-love reminder, as the words “I love you,” with an “xx” was written across her bathroom mirror in white foam as Jen’s gray robe hung on a hook outside her huge walk-in shower.