When it comes to actresses who are known for their incredible hair, Jennifer Aniston definitely tops the list. Question is, how the heck has she maintained her ‘do all these years? Enter: Michael Canalé. The celebrity colorist has been working with Jen for years and knows all the tips and tricks behind executing her flawless, healthy look

“She takes hair vitamins for sure. She took a lot of mine, the Canalé Hair Vitamin,” Michael dished to Life & Style exclusively. “The whole hair line is to maintain hair between visits and also get your hair healthy, so we have the topical vitamin and the ingestible vitamin — and we have the other two conditioners.”

Jennifer Aniston posing in a black turtleneck
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Beyond hair maintenance, Michael also detailed exactly what to ask for at the hair salon if you’re looking to mimic Jennifer’s style. “Paper thin highlights. You still have to have a graduation of color. I mean, you have to have the lighter ends and the blend out from the base that goes into that, so it has to be more of a flow,” he explained. 

“Like, this over-bleached ends that are all over the place right now, they’re so damaged on people and it’s not my favorite look, but if you look two years into Jennifer Aniston’s hair when we had it long and you can see that perfect graduation of dark collider, that’s always the prettiest. It’s more youthful.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be a conversation about Jennifer’s hair without bringing up her iconic hairstyle as Rachel Green on Friends. As it happens, though, Michael said nobody is asking for “The Rachel” these days. However, he did admit that the ‘do was “great.” Naturally, we agree. 

Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green on Friends
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Last but certainly not least, it’s worth noting that if you want hair like Jennifer, you need to put in the time! “I see her every five weeks and it takes about 45 minutes,” Michael said.

Reporting by Diana Cooper.

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