He’s so supportive! Jennifer Lopez has been at the forefront of celebrities who have been donating and helping to raise awareness for the Hurricane Maria disaster relief in Puerto Rico — but she couldn’t have done it without her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez by her side! The pop star sat down for an interview ahead of the star-studded concert and telethon One Voice: Somos Live! — which was put together by the power couple to help raise money for those who have been affected by Hurricane Maria — and she gushed over how A-Rod stepped up and supported her as she put together relief efforts.

“It’s funny for me because I just stepped forward on this and went and did that press conference in New York, I called him on the way there,” she told E! News. Alex had already known that Jen was going to speak at the press conference and that she had hopped on a plane immediately after she got off the stage from her show in Las Vegas and flew to NYC because it was such an important cause.

“And he’s like, ‘baby how are you?’ and I was like, ‘I’m exhausted, but I made it,’” she said about their sweet exchange. She told Alex that she would be making a donation of $1 million to Hurricane Maria relief efforts and since it was such an important cause that was close to Jen’s heart, Alex also wanted to help raise money.

“He’s like, ‘Baby, I got the MLB and I got the head of the Yankees to donate this much and you can announce that there too,’” she said, and he also coached her on what to say at the press conference. “Just to have a partner like that, I didn’t have to ask him. You know, I’m from Puerto Rico, this is personal to me, it was my thing, but it was like ‘[I] know it’s your thing — it’s my thing too’ and he just jumped right in. So for me it was just like, amazing.”

One Voice: Somos Live! airs tonight, Saturday, Oct. 14 at 8 p.m. on Telemundo and Univision in Spanish, and the English broadcast will air at 10 p.m. on NBC.