Written in partnership with Maria Williams

In a world obsessed with measuring talent and ability through the eyes of money and success, one where everyone wants to know “how to succeed,” people often forget to stop for a second and ask “why.” Why does someone want to succeed, and what inspired them to walk the path they chose?

Inspiration is, after all, what drives humanity and society forward. Many world-renowned scientists, artists, and businesspeople found inspiration for their greatest deeds in nature, in the world, and in other people. One such person is Jerusha Couture, a renowned Australian luxury fashion and lifestyle blogger, and highly successful fashion designer with a self-titled fashion label Jerusha Couture™.

As Jerusha Couture explains, she believes that everyone has a deep and latent need to be inspired, and those who manage to manifest their inspiration are guaranteed to succeed. “Everything in life starts with inspiration. Waking up in the morning, going to work, doing work on yourself, and developing your skills — you need to have inspiration for all those things, otherwise, you won’t know where you are going in life,” she says.

Jerusha’s inspiration for pursuing a career in the fashion industry was there since she was a little girl. As a kid, Jerusha would flip through magazine pages and look at magnificent dresses and styles. Afterward, she would take a piece of paper and she would start to scribble away, drawing and creating whole fashion lines.

“It was a funny and cute hobby back then. However, the love for fashion continued to grow inside me,” says Jerusha Couture. “After I’d finished high school, I had started getting my own sort of personal business by making garments and dresses for all of my friends and family for their formals and their school dances and things like that. Finally, after I got into a fashion-related college, and got my degree, I opened my fashion boutique in Sydney.”

However, Jerusha points out that one dark event in her life also served as a huge inspiration to pursue the life she has now — a nearly fatal car crash that left her fighting for her life. As she further explains, it was an extremely tough endeavor that she couldn’t have gotten through if it weren’t for her family and one of her main influences and supporters, her godmother Olivia Newton-John.


“My relationship with Olivia is on a different level. When I ended up having my car crash in 2005, which almost took my life, she flew in straight into Melbourne to give me her support,” says Jerusha Couture. “We share a special bond because I feel like we’re both being survivors — I survived my crash; she beat and survived her breast cancer.”

According to Jerusha, her godmother Olivia instilled in her that survivor’s instinct. It’s something that inspired her to make a full recovery and continue pursuing her dream to become one of the greatest fashion designers ever. Jerusha also points out that Olivia immensely helped her when she was sorting out her life after the accident. Her godmother helped her with building her brand, her fashion label, and the early stages of opening her boutique.

“She was there for every step, and I’m grateful for that. She inspired me to create the life I want for myself. That’s one of the reasons I got into blogging and streaming,” says Jerusha. “When my boutique was up and running, I started to record everything that’s happening, and soon, people recognized the potential so they started to follow me.”

Today, Jerusha has a strong following of 313,000 on Instagram and over 111,000 subbies (as she likes to call them) on YouTube. Jerusha loves to share her story and inspire other people to see the world in a better, more fashionable light. “At the end of the day, everyone needs a little bit of inspiration in their lives. That’s why we all need to strive to be a person who can serve as inspiration because you never know who is going to look up to you. Be true to yourself, be genuine, stay inspired and motivated and success will soon come.”