Another day, another reason for mommy shamers to be upset with Jessica Simpson. Sigh. The pop star-turned-fashion designer, 37, caught flak on Wednesday, Nov. 29, after she took to Instagram to share an adorable snap of herself and five-year-old daughter Maxi trying on makeup at a MAC Cosmetics store.

“This is NOT an #ad, @maccosmetics is my daughter’s favorite store! Mommy-Daughter Day with #MAXIDREW #girlygoth,” the “Irresistible” songstress captioned the sweet selfie. Though the post seemed innocent enough, a handful of Jess’ followers mercilessly attacked her for allowing her kid to wear cosmetics.

“I think it’s horrible to let a girl who’s 5 wear makeup but I guess that’s just my opinion,” one commenter wrote, while another fumed, “Her favorite store??! OMG. She should be playing outside or learning about the world…not sitting in a chair putting on makeup at MAC. What’s wrong with you?!”

Added another, “Jessica I honestly don’t know about u and your parenting choices girl. Putting your daughter in makeup? And dark lipstick? Let Maxi be a kid. She deserves a normal childhood.”

While many of the blonde beauty’s followers were enraged, some stood up for her against the haters. “I can’t quite believe the backlash this innocent photo has had. Some people just sit there looking for things to be offended by,” one wrote. “She’s not parading her child around like a show-pony in a pageant… they’re just having a laugh.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time Jessica has fallen victim to the online parenting police. Just last month, she faced backlash after Maxi sported brown hair while dressing up as Beauty and the Beast’s Belle for Halloween. “Is Maxwell’s hair dyed? I hope not. Her blonde hair was so beautiful!!!” one fan wrote, while another pleaded, “Please don’t tell me she dyed her daughter’s hair!!”

Turns out, the mom-of-two — who also shares son Ace Knute, 4, with husband Eric Johnson — did not put permanent color to Maxi’s naturally blonde locks. “It was a spray in color for her costume,” a source told Us Weekly on Nov. 6, “not permanent dye.”