Show ‘em who’s boss, Jessie J! During a recent interview with the British talk show This Morning, the U.K. singer shot down a question about her boyfriend, Channing Tatum, and y’all … it was hard to watch. To be *very* clear, Jessie, 31, was not there to talk about her personal life whatsoever. In fact, she was there to promote her role as a judge on season three of The Voice Kids. Apparently, the hosts didn’t get the message. 

Basically, instead of focusing on the entertainer’s exciting new venture, cohost Ben Shephard steered the conversation toward Channing’s Magic Mike Live project. “You obviously got to see [the show] with Mike himself,” he said, to which Jessie sternly replied, “I did.” Don’t worry, it gets more cringeworthy. Ben follows up with, “That’s a performance that seems to be quite …” Of course, we can’t be certain, but given the sexual nature of Magic Mike, we imagine the next comment was going to be uncomfortable. 

Channing Tatum Jessie J PDA

However, Jessie cut him off and said, “… the opposite of The Voice Kids. I think let’s stay focused on The Voice Kids. I mean The Voice Kids is insane, and I have loved every second of doing it.” And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how it’s done! Jessie wasn’t rude — although, no one would have blamed her if she were — and continued to focus the conversation on her career and not her love life.

TBH, we doubt the hosts of This Morning were surprised that Jessie avoided talking about Channing. After all, the pair has kept things pretty low-key since they began dating in October 2018. Sure, they gush over each other on social media every now and again, but that’s not an invitation to pry.

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