When it comes to celebrity couples who scream relationship goals, Jessie James Decker and her husband, Eric Decker, definitely top the list. In addition to having three beautiful children together — Vivianne, 5, Eric, 4, and Forrest, 19 months — the longtime pair simply can’t get enough of each other. 

Speaking exclusively with Life & Style, Jessie, 31, revealed how she and Eric, 32, keep their marriage running smoothly after all these years. “I just love him. I don’t know, I just love him and he loves me and we just like hanging out,” the “Roots and Wings” singer gushed while promoting ABC-TV and Qbrexza’s “What’s Your Cue?” campaign to break down the stigma of excessive sweating.

Jessie James Decker and Husband Eric Decker Posing on the Red Carpet

“I am more in love with him today than I was nine years ago when I met him. I’m crazy about him. I think what’s really important is when you meet that person you want to spend the rest of your life with to make sure that that spark is so incredible that it lasts for years and years and years to come,” Jessie continued. “I think we just had such a great foundation to begin with and it’s just stronger than it’s ever been.”

Of course, part of Jessie and Eric’s unbreakable bond is their ability to parent with ease! “My husband is my partner. He is great. I’m able to do what I do because of him and vice versa. We both take turns when we have stuff going on,” she explained of how they maintain a healthy work/life balance. 

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“It’s like, ‘Do you have work today?’ ‘Yes, I have work today.’ ‘Can you pick up the kids today?’ We really do this together, but you know, don’t get me wrong, my mom is very involved, too, and my sister,” Jessie noted.“I have really great, helpful family in my life to be able to help as well, and we need help as women. We should be able to maintain our independence and what we need to do. It’s OK to ask for help.”

As far as turning their party of five into a party of six? Well, never say never! “We’re definitely not trying to have more children,” Jessie confessed. “But we have not cut off the option … if you know what I mean.”

Oh, we know what you mean, girl! 

Reporting by Diana Cooper. 

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