Get ‘em! Jessie James Decker had the perfect response to a fan who shaded her Instagram photo on April 9 because her nipples were showing through her shirt. The singer used the post to talk about the results of her enneagram test, but many commenters used the opportunity to diss her. 

“Oh, come on. Be authentic. Your nipples are the reason you posted,” the person wrote. In the snapshot, the 31-year-old can be seen sitting in the grass smiling with minimal makeup. She rocked casual blush-colored shorts and a white V-neck T-shirt with delicate gold jewelry.

Jessie James Decker Claps Back at Fan Who Dissed Her Nipples Showing
Courtesy Jessie James Decker/Instagram

“I don’t know how much more authentic I can be between the nipples and astrology conversation,” Jessie quipped in response to the hater. Of course, that’s not the only shady comment the “Flip My Hair” artist responded to.

“Astrology? All I [eyes emoji] is nips! Are you cold?” someone else asked. “Always cold,” the brunette beauty wrote. “Just like Post Malone is always tired, I’m always cold.”

Jessie James Decker Sits in the Grass Wearing Blush Shorts and White Tshirt
Courtesy of Jessie James Decker

The country crooner later explained in the comments her reasoning for not touching the original photo. “I mean, I guess I could’ve photoshopped them out, but then I would’ve gotten yelled at for photoshopping and not being authentic,” Jessie said in a response to a separate comment. “So, it’s kind of a lose-lose, win-win situation cha-feel [sic]?”

However, there was another hilarious reason that Jessie wasn’t too concerned about her nipples showing. “I paid a lot of money for this lift so that I didn’t have to wear a damn bra that digs into my back anymore,” she continued in a different comment. “So, I’m just gonna roll with it … [Let] my body be frrrrreeee.” Fair enough!

For those of you actually wondering about Jessie’s enneagram, she’s a three, seven and eight. “I took two tests one said I was a stronger three the other said I was a stronger eight,” the Aries babe said in a lengthy post. “I have to say it’s pretty damn accurate. I’m a massive believer in astrology and have kind of lived by it.”

We can’t get enough of Jessie and her realness. Keep living your best life, girl!