Pregnancy isn’t always all fun and games. Country singer and Just Jessie author Jessie James Decker recently spoke to People about pregnancy and how she feels about the process, now having gone through it three times. Spoiler alert: She’s got a different opinion from most moms!

When she spoke with People’s Celeb Parents Get Real, the 30-year-old mama really didn’t waste any time, well, getting real about what pregnancy means for her. “I know a lot of women don’t enjoy [pregnancy] and I wasn’t one of them that was obsessed with being pregnant, because it’s really hard on your body and I’m really petite. I have massive babies and it’s really hard on my joints,” she spoke about the difficulty of being tiny and having larger babies. Can’t be all that comfortable, can it?

But Jessie reportedly really loved how much she was able to build a relationship with her kids during her pregnancies. “It’s such a short time in your life and it’s such a special bonding time,” she told People. “I have cherished each pregnancy because it was my time to really get to know my children.”

Her three children –– Forrest Bradley, Eric “Bubby” Thomas Jr, and Vivianne Rose –– with retired NFL player and husband, Eric Decker, have been nothing short of a blessing to the singer, but she’s also learned the hard way you can’t do everything right as a parent. Jessie told People that if she could hit re-do on one parenting moment, it would have been not going on a radio tour to promote a song when Eric Jr was an infant. “My gut told me to not do it because I would be away from him a little too much,” she admitted to People. “The song ended up not even going up the charts so it was kind of a waste of time and I was away from my son, so I told myself I would never do that again.”

Live and learn, Jessie. Luckily, with kids, there are a whole 18 years to fix your mistakes!