Ladies, get you a man like Joe Jonas! On Wednesday, April 3, the “Sucker” singer, 29, and his fiancée, Sophie Turner, headed to the season 8 premiere of Game of Thrones. In addition to looking like the edgy, sleek couple that they are, Joe shared the sweetest clip of the pair on Instagram.

“What are we doing, Soph?” the JoBro asked his lady. “We’re just going to the premiere,” the blonde beauty replied super casually. “Of what? Oh, this thing? WOW!!!!!” Joe exclaimed while zooming in on a GoT poster in the background.

OK, the fact he calls her Soph is just *too cute* for words. We ship them so hard. As it happens, so does the rest of the internet.

“I’m absolutely in love with you guys! Congratulations, Sophie!” one user commented. “This is so cute! My heart can’t take it,” added another. A couple of people, on the other hand, were more focused on getting spoilers out of the soon-to-be Mrs. Jonas.

“Tell me how it ends,” popular blogger Claudia Oshry a.k.a. “Girl With No Job” commented. “I need to know what happens. I can’t wait!” another person echoed. Well, we have some good news for you impatient people. Apparently, Sophie isn’t as tight-lipped as she should be when it comes to revealing details about the series.

In fact, she flat out admitted that she’s “terrible” at keeping secrets. So much so, that Sophie even spilled to a few of her friends how GoT ends. We can’t speak for all the diehard fans out there, but if someone spoiled the ending for us, we’d start a riot … OK, more like a temper tantrum, but still, we would not be happy.

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