Line it up, ladies! John Daly has definitely taken the 2018 Winter Olympics by storm — not only when it comes to his Skeleton Sliding skills, but also thanks to his undeniable good looks. Females everywhere are asking the question, “Does John Daly have a girlfriend?” — and he seemingly confirmed his relationship status during a recent interview with Us Weekly.

“I’ve been on Bumble. I’ve been on all of [the dating apps]. I’ll go on any date. I don’t care. I just haven’t been on them recently because I met someone. She slid into my DMs [direct messages]. I love that term!” he quipped to the publication. “We had a couple of drinks and I was like, ‘Right now, at this point of my life, you’re probably not going to see me. I work, I train. If you want to hang out, that’s fine, but it will be like every other Sunday, so it’s not really a good boyfriend or friend [situation] to be honest.'” Hey — that’s better than ghosting, right?

However, if you still intend to try and win over the stunning Olympian, a comedic personality will take you a long way. “What’s gonna make you date them and not just wanna hang out with them one time is personality, obviously,” he continued. “You want them to be laid back, but they gotta be able to make me laugh. Not too hard, but you have to have some sort of funny edge to you.”

Tom definitely has his own sense of humor as well, which was made evident when he shared his Olympics pick-up line during a recent calendar shoot. “I’ve been carrying this Olympic torch all night, let’s put it out at my place,” he quipped. Eh — if you say so, boo (wink).