The countdown to parenthood is on for Jordin Sparks, 28, and her fitness-model husband, Dana Isaiah, 25, whose son is due in the spring. In an interview with Life & Style, Jordin talks about how her changing body has taken her on a bit of a wild ride so far.

"It’s crazy!” the singer tells Life & Style. "My first trimester, I craved a lot of salty stuff like chips, pretzels — and then, randomly, blood oranges out of nowhere. I could always do candy, pickles."

But something changed when she hit the second trimester. “My appetite kind of just went out the window,” Jordin notes. “That’s been strange to deal with, because I thought I would be eating everything.”

She’s also been feeling some back pain lately, but Jordin has the right attitude. “I’m like, OK, got a couple more months of this,” she tells Life & Style. "We can do it!"

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