Get it, girl! Jordyn Woods hit the gym hard on Tuesday, June 11, and showed the results that can happen after a little bit of hard work. The model admitted to fans that it had been a hot second since she had a tough training session but she looked like a total pro. Afterward, she had the sweat to prove it.

“I’m in the Starbucks drive through right now getting a coffee before my training session but I’m kind of nervous because I haven’t worked out or train, trained in like months. So, stay tuned,” the 21-year-old explained on her Instagram Story. She looked super chic in an all-black ensemble, courtesy of her personal clothing line, SECNDNTURE. Jordyn was ready to work in a neat, low bun and lime green Nike shoes. Look good, feel good, right?

Jordyn Woods waist trainer black workout clothes secnd nture
Courtesy of Jordyn Woods Instagram

She shared a few of her intense moves, many of which combined two movements for an extremely tough session. One video showed the California babe in a plank while doing knee drives and another had her doing squats with bars. Either way, we think she deserved a glass of wine after this.

After the personal training session, Jordyn unveiled her abs underneath a black waist trainer. She definitely worked up a sweat but it’s clear she’s getting results. Another tool that the Instagram influencer has been using is stomach contouring. The beauty has been documenting the process with fans and it’s making her feel like her best self.

Jordyn Woods
Courtesy of Jordyn Woods/Instagram

“Since I’ve lost a lot of weight over the past two years, I’ve been working on getting my skin tight again,” she explained on her Instagram Story on May 17. “[Bahar Contour] is helping me do what my sit ups can’t.” According to a post from the spa, “radio frequency heat is how you melt your fat and tighten the skin.” They also added that the noninvasive procedure has “no pain, no downtime, no side effects.”

Jordyn has been working hard on herself the past few months and she’s looking more fab than ever!