Can we all just take a second to appreciate the fact that Miss Jordyn Woods is absolutely killing the Instagram game right now? From sexy bikini posts to sweet family snapshots, the model’s post-scandal life is looking pretty darn bright. Most recently, the 21-year-old bombshell shared a stunning “good morning” clip featuring her natural hair and bare face and y’all … she’s *too* pretty!

Unsurprisingly, we aren’t the only ones fawning over Jordy’s glow-up. “Yes, beautiful queen! Keep serving those looks,” one fan commented on the ‘Gram. “OK, baby girl! Come through with that beauty,” added another, along with several clapping emojis. *Pauses to give Jordyn a round of applause.*

In addition to her undeniable beauty, Jordyn is also quite the businesswoman. In fact, earlier this month she teased the new collection for her athletic line, SECNDNTURE. If you’re unfamiliar with her brand, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Speaking exclusively with Life & Style ahead of the launch in August 2018, Jordyn explained her design inspiration, as well as how she believes the clothes can function in everyday life. 

“Just really cute, comfortable, supportive outfits. For me, I really designed it based on the things I like to wear, and I can definitely see people wearing it to go work out or to the club, either way,” she explained. “We have a lot of cool different body suits and things like that.”

The best part? SECNDNTURE won’t break the bank. “If it’s good quality, it’s gonna be super expensive, and if it’s super cheap, then the quality [isn’t] there,” Jordyn said. “So, I wanted to meet right at that middle point to where I can make something that’s quality enough for a more reasonable price.”

Considering the new collection is launching Thursday, May 23, it’s clear Jordyn’s vision paid off! Keep killing the game, girl.

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