Okay, so when Jordyn does it, it’s cool, but when we do it, we get told to leave the hotel. We see how it is! Kylie Jenner’s BFFJordyn Woods, attended a lavish dinner with luxury jewelry brand Cartier last night to celebrate the launch of her collab lipgloss with cosmetics brand Too Faced. At the event, she wined, dined, wore an absolutely stunning gown, and then… needed help getting out of it, according to the 21-year-old’s Instagram stories from the event. Her first thought? The front desk guy! Watch the video above to see the moment unfold and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

In Jordyn’s hilarious two-part Insta story, Jordyn gave it straight to her fans. “So, I don’t think y’all understand. I’m stuck in this sparkly dress with no one to take it off of me!” Seriously, have we not ALL been there before?  “I’m about to call the bellman. Imma need you to unzip this for me, please!” Jordyn laughs her situation off a little bit before the next Insta story video starts and… yep, the front desk guy is unzipping her dress for her.

The hero of Jordyn’s story is never actually seen on camera, but we hear him say “You’re welcome” to Jordyn before she sends him on his way. We’ve all been there, girl, but maybe next time you should hire a personal unzipper!